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FRP Tanks, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks


FRP Tank Manufacturing Process

We manufacture FRP corrosion resistnat tanks with the same technology we use to manufacture our FRP pipes: Filament Winding Machine. This allows us to produce tanks in diameters of up to 8 meters.

FRP Pipe Being Produced in our Filament Winding Machine
FRP Tank Side View
FRP Tank Manufacturing Process
Finished FRP Tank

FRP corrosion resistnat tanks can be made in different sizes and shapes: vertical cylindrical, horizontal, rectangular etc., and in order to manufacture the FRP corrosion tank most suitable to your requirements, we take into account several elements like: what use will the tank have, location, space, installation area conditions, etc.

FRP Tank Instalation
FRP Tanks
FRP Tank Installation
FRP Tanks can Have Many Shapes

Some of the advantages of our FRP Tanks are:

  • Our FRP Tanks' inner surface is completely smooth.
  • Our FRP Tanks are maintenance free.
  • Our FRP Tanks are lightweight, wich means easier handling.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Long service life.
FRP Tank
FRP Tanks are Lightweight and can be Handled Easily
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