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Fiberglass Platforms & Barges (GRP)
The best in fiberglass.
Resistant and lightweight
Superior against other materials.
Whole or assembly on-site
Able to be assembled on site for large projects that require easy transportation.
Goodbye corrosion
Never worry about corrosion on your ceilings and walls.

Platforms & Barges (GRP)

Infrastructure for corrosive, acid, alkaline, and conductive media.

For use in industries like:

We manufacture and install

We have the field experience of how to implement our products.

We offer solutions such as fiberglass (GRP) platforms, barges, and walkways. All of our corrosion resistant fiberglass (GRP) products are made with the greatest care and the highest quality to meet your needs in the most efficient way, with advantages like lightweight, specially when compared to carbon steel parts, minimum maintenance requirements, no deformities due to heat, inert to acids, among others.

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Certifications & Standards

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