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Fiberglass Tanks (GRP)
The best in fiberglass.
Lightweight and tough
Decrease the weigh of your infrastructure without sacrificing durability.
Whatever shape you need
The right product for your project.
Goodbye corrosion
Never worry about corrosion on your tanks.
We manufacture and install on-site
You can count on us for the whole process.
Whole or assembly on-site
Able to be assembled on site for large projects that require easy transportation.

Tanks (GRP)

Infrastructure for corrosive, acid, alkaline, and conductive media.

For applications like:

Contains solutions like:

We manufacture and install

We have the field experience of how to implement our products.

Our corrosion resistant fiberglass tanks (GRP) can be manufactured in different shapes according to factors such as: application, location, available space for mounting. Similarly, these fiberglass corrosion resistant (GRP) tanks can be cylindrical, vertical, horizontal, rectangular, tank type, etc..

We employ systems like: Hand Lay-up, Winding Filament, and Casting.

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Certifications & Standards

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