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High impact projects
Industrial fiberglass products.
Professional work
The highest quality of products of industrial fiberglass (GRP).
Fiberglass excellence
Materials of the highest quality available to you.
Application and distribution
We design, build, install and give maintenance to fiberglass infrastructure.
All kinds of applications
Get professional customized Industrial Fiberglass products.

Model for illustrative purposes only.

39 years of experience

We manufacture, distribute, and install the best fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) industrial products ISO 9001:2015.

Founded in 1983 near the U.S. border in Hermosillo, Sonora, Plastimarmol S.A. de C.V. is a company committed to providing superior quality products and services.

We are proudly Mexican, with international quality.

High standards

When you acquire one of our products:

Certified in quality.
Certified in management standards.
Certified providers to Sonora's Mining Cluster.
Compliant with the German Institute for Standardization.
Compliant with the American Institute of National Standards.
Compliant with the American Society for Testing and Materials.
Compliant with the American Water Works Association standard.
Compliant with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Compliant with German standard for hot melt plastics.

When you work with Plastimarmol you get certainty and precision.

Big projects
No matter how great we are up to the challenge.

Excellent craftsmanship
for excellent clients

At Plastimarmol we are happy and proud that our work is loved by excellent companies. These exceptional high-impact companies call us whenever GRP products are needed:

3d Modeling
Drawing Plans
Finite Element Analysis

...Are some of the techniques we use when offering you custom engineering

Model for illustrative purposes only.

Authorized Dealers

We offer and install the best products from the best brands, including: